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The Finegan family farm 280 acres of land in the Boyne Valley including cereals, cattle and goats. The farm has been in the Finegan family since the early 1930’s when it was bought by Michael’s grandfather. It is the core of what was then 'Mullagha House and Estate', which dates back to the 16th Century.

Michael and Jenny Finegan run the goat enterprise at Mullagha farm together; they started in 2007 and have grown the herd of Saanen, Alpine, Toggenburg and Anglo Nubian to around 300 milkers.

Michael and Jenny firmly believe that the lush grasses of the boyne valley truly influence the cheese and impart a unique flavour.

Michael Finegan,
Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese,
Mullagha Farm,
Co. Meath

Twitter : @Boynevalleyblue



Instagram: @boynevalleycheese

Phone + 353 86 3844162

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